Michael Phelps and Daley Thompson are in a Stable Gay Relationship

Michael Phelps and Daley Thompson moved to London on May 18th, 2011, coming from Edinburgh by way of Weymouth. A press release stated that it is hoped they will be able and willing to incubate eggs from unreliable heterosexual couples.

Michael Phelps in speedo

Michael Phelps and Daley Thompson, Michael and Daley to you and me, moved to London into a newly built bespoke complex specifically built for them and their relatives. Their relationship had started in Edinburgh where they had been living prior to their move. Now you will be able to visit them whenever you are in London to admire their cuts any day, even during feeding time. I am told that they are very sociable. The more conventional members of the group are Tom Daley, Jessica Ennis, and Usain Bolt to name just a few.

London Aquarium has opened its new Penguin Beach and welcomed a group of nine Gentoo Penguins bred and raised in Edinburgh Zoo. One of the couples that moved in is gay and they have been named after Michael Phelps and Daley Thompson in an online survey. The Penguins at the aquarium have been given armbands to distinguish the boys from the girls, but it seems those two are set to contravene conventions. Keepers hope they will be adopting ignored eggs from unstable heterosexual couples.

Gentoo Penguins come from the Antarctic, the beach on offer in London will not be inviting to you for sunbathing, and you might feel a bit cool. The environment for the new inhabitants was carefully designed to imitate their natural habitat with the help of the British Antarctic Survey. Their consecutive moves from Edinburgh to Weymouth and London had been done in a way as to not interfere with their breeding season. Edinburgh Zoo is host to a highly successful breeding scheme for the Gentoo Penguins, while Weymouth hosts another Sea Life Centre where the penguins underwent group building training and their London keepers learned their ropes on penguin husbandry.

Gentoo Penguins are smaller than the Emperor or King Penguins, but the fastest swimmers of all. They jump from the water into the air; the resulting air bubbles on their feathers work as a lubricant to allow them speeds of up to 36 kph (22 mph). They are also the fastest runners sometimes managing to outrun people on their favourite ground. And you thought they just had stubbly legs? In general, they are hyperactive and a lot of fun to watch.

The new area allows visitors to get in touch with the freezing and inhospitable (to us) environment where penguins live. A freezing ice wall, an icy touch pool, and a spoof Antarctic Research Station together with Antarctic Sea Anemones and Giant Spider Crabs form the backdrop for the acrobatic main act of the Gentoo Penguins. If you feel like getting to face to beak with Michael Phelps, go there!

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