A Man of His Word: Roger Federer

Under the leadership of Switzerland's tennis player number one Stanislas Wawrinka (that takes time to sink in) and with Roger Federer, the Swiss Davis Cup Team won against Serbia to qualify for the quarter finals against Kazakhstan. This will be played in Switzerland and Roger Federer will be part of the team. It shows a marked change to his earlier absences from the team.

Stanislas Wawrinka and Roger Federer

Many will have noticed that the Swiss Davis Cup Team hasn't done anything remarkable for the last ten years or so. Roger Federer mostly declined to play as the scheduling of the Davis Cup ties interfered with his season planning. He declined again during the Australian Open 2014, only to make a spot decision days before the tie to come after all. What had brought on that sudden change of heart?

In an interview in 2006 with Swiss Television, he had said one sentence of importance to this issue. When asked about playing Davis Cup, he said 'when Stan is ready' he will try to help win the trophy. Stanislas Wawrinka stagnated and Roger Federer did his own thing. With Stanislas Wawrinka becoming Australian Open champion, Roger Federer made good on his promise made in 2006 and probably forgotten by most.

Despite the fact that playing Davis Cup is playing havoc with his season, he will help Stan the Man win for Switzerland. It is a trophy they both would like to have in their players' palmares. In an interview prior to the matches against Serbia, he said that 'this is not about me, this week belongs to Stan.' How good are their chances of winning the Davis Cup? How many teams from other countries can field two top ten tennis players?

And with Kazakhstan ousting Belgium from the draw, the Swiss team will be playing at home. This is further reason for both players to look forward to the matches to be held in April. Roger Federer definitely is looking forward to it if you want to go by his latest tweet. (And a question on the side: Who took up Patrick von Stutenzee's prognosis of a Stanislas Wawrinka win in Melbourne? He made the prediction on grounds that Roger Federer won his first Australian title after becoming Swiss Personality of the Year. Article link is below.)

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