George Eliot Born From Scandal and Gossip

At a time when open adultery was severely frowned upon, George Eliot was born. He was to become one of the most read, most mocked, and best earning writers of the 19th century. His birth was one of necessity induced by the most unforgiving force on earth: The English middle class.

Arthur Miller: Biography Dilemma

In 2005, writer, author and playwright Arthur Miller died aged 89. Reactions Within the arts and entertainment industry weren't those of deep grief. Out of reflex, the lights were dimmed on Broadway. One newspaper cleared its front page while the rest commented in the 'other news' sections. Public praise was sparse and dissenters made themselves heard prominently. America’s most famous playwright had divided opinion before. Reactions to his death kept the tradition.

Paul Newman and Arthur Miller

Willhelm Lamszus: Writing For Peace

Wilhelm Lamszus wrote a book predicting the horrors of World War I years before it started. Coming from a German, that was unacceptable for the Imperial authorities. He was repressed, hassled, bullied and finally promoted out of Germany. He was sent as an envoy to Africa to study the fate of German soldiers serving in the French Foreign Legion. It was also hoped that his report would supply a further casus belli against France.

Kaiser Wilhelm II

A Man of His Word: Roger Federer

Under the leadership of Switzerland's tennis player number one Stanislas Wawrinka (that takes time to sink in) and with Roger Federer, the Swiss Davis Cup Team won against Serbia to qualify for the quarter finals against Kazakhstan. This will be played in Switzerland and Roger Federer will be part of the team. It shows a marked change to his earlier absences from the team.

Stanislas Wawrinka and Roger Federer

Rudolf Steiner’s Approach to Financial Politics

Rudolf Steiner was the founder of the Anthroposophical Society. He died in 1925. He left us, incongruously for a ‘religious leader’ of a sect or cult, an interesting treatise on monetary politics. Written years before the Great Depression, it shows an eerie actuality in view of the present crisis.

Rudolf Steiner

Stanislas Wawrinka Starts 2014 With Chennai Win

Stanislas Wawrinka started 2014 as if it was still 2013. His win in Chennai was master class tennis over the whole tournament and should give him a lot of confidence going into the Australian Open in Melbourne. And last year's marathon match against Novak Djokovic was one of the highlights in the tennis season 2013 when considering all matches. And he is only the Swiss number two.