Skywalker Freddy Nock Skips a Rope Record

Circus artist Freddy Nock had to break off his latest attempt at a further world record on the rope. The planned record should have been completed in Bern by driving a bicycle over a tight rope 150 m (492 ft) in length and 50 m (164 ft) from the ground. The disappointment was obviously great.

Freddy Nock, circus artist

James Greenwood Started Investigative Journalism

James Greenwood started out as a printer. Later, he began writing adventure tales before entering journalism. As a journalist, he was the first to go undercover and to invent investigative journalism in the process. His subsequent writing was nothing short of revolutionary.

James Greenwood

Skywalker Freddy Nock Knocks Down Another World Record

Circus artist Freddy Nock did it again. Only two days after completing a Guinness worthy world record on the Zugspitze in Germany, he completed another world record attempt successfully on the Feuerkogel Mountain in Austria, this time on a slack rope with a steady incline.

Freddy Nock, circus artist

The Real Skywalker: Freddy Nock

Fancy a little walk? How about doing it on the cable of a cable car in the Alps with 150 metres (500 ft) of air between you and the ground? How about doing it over a kilometre, a mile, or more? That’s what a real Skywalker does for a living and currently to set some records.

Freddy Nock, circus artist