10 Best Earning Corpses

They are dead and earn millions every year. Celebrities from the recent and not so recent past are still generating huge income. Meet the ten corpses who earn more in a year than you will in a lifetime. Some of their names you will easily recognize, some of them maybe not.

Heath Ledger

He was one of the all-time greats of Hollywood and gave a new face to the Western genre: Steve McQueen. His cool demeanour was his label and made him an idol for young actors and fans worldwide. His first film appearance was in Somebody Up There Likes Me in 1956. His fame was made with The Magnificent Seven. One of his most famous movies was Getaway where he starred besides Ali McGraw. His yearly average income these days is estimated at $6 million.

Her name stands for the word sexy: Marilyn Monroe. Her first film appearance was in Dangerous Years in 1947. Her fame was made with Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. One of her most famous movies was Some Like It Hot. Privately she was unhappy and lover to a President and his brother. As a singer she was just plain awful. Her yearly income these days is estimated at $6.5 million.

His name is synonymous for pop art: Andy Warhol. His colourful screen prints of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, or Audrey Hepburn are known to everybody. Actually he was very talented as painter, photographer, and videographer, but these expressions of his art are widely ignored. He is estimated to earn $9 million a year.

His name is a legend in itself: John Lennon. He is one of the members of the unforgettable Beatles, husband to the aristocratic and eccentric Yoko Ono, a fighter for peace. After the split of the Beatles, he became successful as a singer and songwriter in his own right. Just imagine he is still earning $9 million every year.

His most famous figure is the Grinch: Dr. Seuss. His children’s book The Cat in The Hat is still a favourite in the United States. His many books and comics are still selling. Estimated income from his writing and drawing is at $12 million a year.

One of the most famous producers ever was Aaron Spelling. His series are cult. Whatever he took a hand to was made to money. Starsky and Hutch was a big hit even in German, after all the fun had been translated out of it. And of Charlie's Angels we must face further spinoffs, I think. His income a year is estimated at $12 million.

His name is used instead of the word genius: Albert Einstein. His physical theories changed the way we look at the world today. He was not only one of the most brilliant scientists of all time, but also one of the best earning ones as well. Put in relation to the income of the top earner of this list, it’s relatively small, but his income these days is $18 million a year.

Brokeback Mountain put his name on the map: Heath Ledger. Coming to the screen in some rather quirky films, he made it big with Brokeback Mountain. He was nominated for an Oscar for the role of a gay cowboy in that movie. His last role as Joker in Batman – The Dark Knight made a legend of him. His income this year is estimated at $20 million.

Peanuts are money, too: Charles M. Schulz. His Peanuts conquered the world and have enriched children for it. They also generate a yearly income of $33 million.

The King: Elvis. Even though he lives, he tops this list with ease. Even his awful films are still being shown. His acting potential was on a par with Marilyn Monroe’s voice power. His estimated income is at $52 million a year.

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