Six Curious Facts About The FIS Alpine Ski World Championship

The FIS Alpine Ski World Championships have been running for 80 years. There were a few curious instances in that time. They include time differences between winners and runners up of almost 30 seconds, the championship that never was, one without snow, and the man who became women’s world champion.

Erika Schinegger

Flying Without a Permit

When flying was all new and shiny, it was also still in paradise. There were no permits to get and no exams to pass; you just got into your flying machine and took off. But paradise ended when the snake came in; this snake took the form of an international body which started to issue permits.

Hubert Latham in monoplane

How Not to Win a Grand Slam

Andy Murray is following in Roger Federer’s and Rafael Nadal’s footsteps. He just broke the first long standing tennis record. He is the first player to have lost his first three appearances in a grand slam final without winning a single set. That is not the kind of record to inspire confidence in his ability to win one.

Andy Murray, tennis boy

Maurice Bavaud: One Swiss Alone Against Hitler

On November 9th, 2008, it will be 70 years since Maurice Bavaud tried to assassinate Hitler in Munich. After prolonged torture, he was murdered by the Nazis on May 14th, 1941, after ‘legal’ proceedings followed by a sentence to death. He was officially rehabilitated by Germany in 1956.

Maurice Bavaud

10 Best Earning Corpses

They are dead and earn millions every year. Celebrities from the recent and not so recent past are still generating huge income. Meet the ten corpses who earn more in a year than you will in a lifetime. Some of their names you will easily recognize, some of them maybe not.

Heath Ledger

FC Barcelona: Where Did It Get Its Colours From?

FC Barcelona is one of the best known football or soccer clubs in the world. One of the questions coming up every now and then is: How did it come by the colours blue and red?

Cristiano Ronaldo underwear model

High School Musical, it’s Just That

Walt Disney’s High School Musical 3 has started in cinemas all over the place. Zac Efron is in every glossy magazine for his starring in it. Zac Who? If you don’t know, you don’t have girls aged four to 14 at home.

Zac Efron

Why James Bond is Eternal

The Man With The Golden Touch: How The Bond Films Conquered The World by Sinclair McKay was published by Aurum. Just one more writer jumping on the marketing train of Quantum of Solace? Not quite.

Sean Connery

Pomp and Circumstance for Haider

Jörg Haider’s funeral brings 30,000 people to Klagenfurth, many of them Nazis. The press ignores this and concentrates instead on defamation of gays and gay lifestyle.

Jörg Haider